From my Quora profile.
They pay me to travel. I would do it for free! Well, maybe.
Linguist by talent, code monkey by choice, corporate drone by obligation. I speak 7 human languages, and a few computer languages. I have delved into, but didn’t manage any fluency, in half a dozen each of human and computer languages, from Russian to Ada, and Egyptian (think Ramses, not Mubarak) to Perl.
  • Questions about learning a language with words like fast, quickly, within a year, for free, will be downvoted and ignored.
  • Questions asking How do you say XXXXXXX in French/Korean/etc will suffer the same fate.
  • Questions spelled by Shakespeare chimpanzees ditto.
  • This here tree is not a politically correct one. If you want to read answers that are of the socially acceptable for the dumb masses kind, go climb another tree.
  • I am a right-leaning, atheist, carnivore white male. Well, pinkish white. The first three on my own free will, the last two by an accident of fate and DNA. I wish my Spanish DNA were a liiiiitle more prevalent skinwise, but hey, dem’s da breaks.